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Welcome to my new website… and blog!

I’m usually not a prolific writer but recently the modern working world has dragged me up the ladder yet another step to the blogosphere. Welcome to my blog, I’m going to attempt to keep you informed about art in general as well as what I’m up to in the studio. Where there is usually a constant flow of various pieces going to together.

Whether you seek art or see it as background filler it affects you every day. And, it’s almost everywhere you look. Where simply the line of color in architecture or a set of shapes against any landscape is the touch of human thought with regard to effecting the visual element, just like a painting or a sculpture. Art is there for you, like a gift if it’s done well. And of course there is good and bad art, but even bad art can be good if you are open to allowing it to work – with out to much of your preconceived opinions about standard requirements for “good art”. Art, unlike everything else in the world can be anything.

Geoff Hager - Work In ProgressSo, along with welcoming you to my attempt at blogging I’m starting with two standard views of the working studio. Canvases in line to get transformed into art for projects. And, I also offer this art task for the day: You’ll see something that is art today, see if you can see what it is about it that makes you keep looking at it. Whether you love it or hate it, what is it that makes it just the right pattern, color, drawing, shape, silhouette or scale. See if you can get its language, see if it speaks to you. That is what art’s job is.