Artist Statement


Geoff HagerMy goal as a contemporary artist is to move the viewer with the effects of line, shape, design, tone and scale. Working with oils, watercolors and acrylics, I create oversized canvases for public and private spaces. Welded steel pieces in recognizable and abstract forms are produced in a series based on the subject matter. My primary subjects are contemporary figurative and landscape studies created with colored planes and geometric patterns. I embrace the contradictions of melding the simplicity of shapes with the complexity of man-made realities.

In my abstract paintings, I try to use color, pattern and texture to touch the inner feelings of the viewer. I mimic patterns and tonal variance to recreate a non-realism visual experience from our world. I think we are all connected to the universe through our visual dialogue, and there are certain visual languages that speak to us all. Trying to find those and describe them on a 2-D plane is amazingly challenging.

In my figurative steel sculptures, I explore the icon of the human form. The hardened materials speak of man’s incredible confidence over his surroundings while the transparencies in the figure refer to our shortcomings.